Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 10 Ways that Tweeters Made Me Smile! :-)

I received a tweet that if someone made me smile, I should send them a tweet and tell them so.

To send a tweet to everyone that made me smile would be a HUGE job, since I truly believe that Every Tweep that I follow has made me smile in one way or another. 

Making someone smile is not only “Ha Ha…that was funny!” There are many ways Tweeps have made me smile throughout the year!  And so, here is the…

Top 10 List ...
Ways Your Tweets Have Made Me Smile:

1. Pictures of Cute Anipals (Awww moments)

2. Silly/Witty/Clever Tweets (HA! HA! moments)

3. Learning Something New (Lightbulb AHA! moments)

4. Warm, Friendly Tweets ({{{Hug moments}}})

5. Helping Someone or Some Anipal in Need (Heartwarming Moments)

6. Being Grateful for a Greater Insight into Life (Gratitude Moments)

7. RTing my Tweets (Thank You Moments)

8. Sharing Favorite Recipes (Nom Nom/ Yummy Moments)

9. Meeting Many New Pals and Furriends (Friend Moments)

And…last, but not least…there have been a few well-meaning tweets with

10. Unintended Typos that Tickled My Funny Bone (Oops! Typo Moments)

So I thank each and every one of you, who, (in 140 characters or less) shared a little bit of yourself to make me smile in many ways, each and every day!

Keep up the good work as we tweet our way into 2010!


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