Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Ideas: The Paw Print Cookie Cutter

The Paw Print Cookie Cutter at Cloud K9® makes a cute little sugar cookie!

(It's versatile since it can represent either a dog or a cat paw print. I have also used this cookie cutter to cut brownies into paw print shapes!)

Plus, this paw print cookie is really easy to decorate!

After the baked cookies have cooled, I used a tube of black decorator icing to create the pads on the bottom of the paw, but you could also use chocolate decorator icing. 

These sugar cookies are intended for people only. (Please remember that chocolate is toxic to pets.)

Have fun! Be creative!

PS Cloud K9® carries over 80 different dog-theme and dog-shaped cookie cutters!

[Photos and text copyright Carole of cloudk9.com All rights reserved.]

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