Friday, December 18, 2009

Siberian Husky / Alaskan Malamute Cookie Cutter

Our versatile "snow dog" cookie cutter at Cloud K9® can represent many of the Northern "snow dog" breeds: Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Samoyed, American Eskimo, etc.
Of course, the preliminary steps for creating the cookies are: cut the sugar cookie dough using the dog shaped cookie cutter, bake the cookies, and let them cool. Then you are ready to start decorating!
I made 2 variations:

Black and White (could represent a Husky or Malamute)
I covered the front of the cookie using a tube of white cookie decorating icing and let it set/dry. Then I used a tube of black decorator icing for the dark part of the coat, and the eye and nose. (A toothpick comes in handy for creating smaller features.)

A Grey/Silver and White dog could be made following the instructions above and substituting grey icing (white mixed with black) for the black icing on the coat.

Copper Color/Red and White
I covered the front of the cookie using a tube of white cookie decorating icing. Then I used a tube of black decorator icing for the eye and nose. (I used a toothpick for these features.)  I lightly pressed toasted coconut into the white icing while the icing was still moist.  (The coconut needs to be toasted before you start icing the cookies, because the white icing dries fairly quickly and then the coconut will not adhere to the icing once it is dry.) The coconut bag provides instructions for toasting coconut, but watch it closely. The coconut can burn very quickly!

These are just a few ideas...have fun creating your own "snow dog" cookies!
PS Cloud K9® carries over 80 different dog-theme and dog-shaped cookie cutters.

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