Thursday, December 3, 2009

Update on the "Stop Killing Dogs" Petition

There is some good news on the petition to stop dogs from being eaten in South Korea! I received the following email on 11/27/09 which gives an update and how you can help! (Plus link to sign petition is at the very bottom.)

Hello again,

The number of signatures is growing and we really feel your support to South-Korean dogs. It is a great feeling. Thank you!

Just last week we asked you all to nominate "Stop Killing Dogs" for the Mashable Open Web Awards at

And you know what? We made it!!!

"Stop Killing Dogs" became among the TOP5 nominees in the category "The Best Non-Profit Use of Social Media". And all this thanks to you!

We are almost singing in our seats!

It is one step closer to 1 million signatures. The more people know about what's going on in South-Korea, the quicker we can collect these 1 million signatures.

* * *

Now it is voting time!

The TOP5 nominees in each category moved forward to the voting round. "Stop Killing Dogs" petition among them. Voting lasts until Sunday, December 13th.

Our message to you is pretty much the same: vote.

We promise it won't take much of your time, only a couple of seconds.

1. Visit

2. Sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account

3. Click "Submit & post".

OR alternatively got to, select "The Best Non-profit Use of Social Media" and look for on the list of nominees.

If you do not have an account on Twitter or on Facebook, there is no need to worry. Thought of helping is what counts. Maybe your friend has an account on these two sites.

Please feel free to share this letter.

Please vote today at and vote because dogs in South Korea deserves the world's attention. They do not have to live in the horrible conditions of dog farms.

Again there is a possibility to vote once a day. So, if you do it today, then you can do it again tomorrow and the day after, until December 13 when the voting closes.

We thank you very much for your support.

We believe that together everything is possible.

Thanks again,

United Dogs and Cats team

* * *

online petition at

[Text Copyright 2009 Carole of All Rights Reserved.]

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