Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Samoyed Sugar Cookies (American Eskimo)

I have to do a Samoyed cookie with it being so close to Christmas. The description of a Samoyed often includes: "the big white dog carries in its face and heart the spirit of Christmas the whole year through."

After cutting the sugar cookie dough with our Cloud K9® Snow Dog Cookie Cutter , baking the cookies, and letting them cool, I'm ready to decorate the Sammy cookies (or American Eskimo).

So, here we go!  I used a tube of white cookie decorating icing on the front of the dog, then black decorating icing for the eye, nose and whiskers.  Keep a toothpick handy for the finer details. Yes, it's as easy as that!

Another option, to give texture to the coat, is to lightly press shredded coconut into the white icing before it sets/dries (as shown in the picture).  Gently turn the cookie upside down to remove any excess coconut.

Hope you have fun creating these cookies, too!
PS Cloud K9® carries over 80 different dog-theme and dog-shaped cookie cutters.
[Text and photos copyright by Carole of cloudk9.com  All rights reserved.]

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