Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome to My First Blog…Together We Can Change the World and Help Dogs!

My first blog was going to be a fun quiz about dogs, until I found out about the “Stop Killing Dogs Petition” to stop dogs from being eaten in South Korea. Yes, you read that correctly! Dogs being eaten in South Korea!

According to the information on the Stop Killing Dogs website over 2 Million dogs are brutally killed every year in South Korea!

There is a petition to put pressure on the South Korean government to stop this practice and the human consumption of dog meat!

The petition will be presented to the Korean officials by the Korea Animal Rights Advocates when at least 1 million signatures have been collected. At the current time, they are about 25% of the way to their goal of 1 million signatures. That means we have a lot of work to do to save our anipals!

The petition states that:

• Animal torture should remain illegal in all forms and in all countries.

• The government of South Korea has to ensure that Animal Protection Laws are followed in their country.

• Dogs are people's companions and helpers, not livestock for meat.

• Dog farms, raising dogs for food and killing them for meat should be made illegal.

• Selling dog meat in restaurants has to be banned.

If you have other questions, their FAQ Page explains why the dogs are tortured, etc. ( I will not go into those grim details here.)

What Can You Do?

Sign the Petition  http://www.uniteddogs.com/stopkillingdogs/   Since you came to this blog, you are probably a person who loves dogs and animals…so please, follow the link and sign the petition. All they need is your name, email address and country…it should take about 15 seconds to enter your information for the petition.

Please Get the Word Out…Tweet It, Put it on Your Website, Email it to Your Friends, etc. Some of the people we contact may overlap (we may have some of the same followers on Twitter, know some of the same people, etc.), but advertisers know that sometimes people need to see a message several times before they act on it. So seeing the message from several people can be a good thing!

Please don’t think ”Well, I don’t need to do this because everyone is already doing it.” Even getting one more signature gets us one step closer to ending the torture of innocent dogs.  "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Don’t Delay! As they say on their website “The faster we get 1,000,000 signatures, the sooner the horrible life of the unfortunate dogs in South Korea will get better.”

I’ve Made It Easy to Copy and Paste This Message: (and it’s less than 140 characters for Twitter!)

Please sign the #stopkillingdogs petition to stop dogs from being eaten in South Korea! http://www.uniteddogs.com/stopkillingdogs/

Those of you with furkids know how much joy they bring to your life and how little they ask in return. So please, help the innocent dogs in Korea that can’t speak for themselves.

Thank You!


PS When I was in 6th grade, I went around my neighborhood getting signatures to stop animal cruelty. I was by no means the “door-to-door salesman type” but I felt very deeply that something must be done to help innocent animals.

So here I am years later, with the same deep passion to help animals that can’t speak for themselves. The methods have changed: it’s no longer a paper petition being taken door to door, now it’s an online petition being distributed via Twitter, email, websites, etc.  Now I am able to reach far more people than I ever could by going door to door gathering signatures.

But the same belief that we are the ones who must speak out to help animals still drives me to try to make the world a better place.