Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Holiday Tip to Save Some Green and Go Green

Save $ome Green
I found this cute little Santa hat for pets at the dollar store (the first way to save money...the dollar store).  This store did not have clothes for 90 lb dogs (probably because the amount of fabric required would cost more than $1).  But, if you have a small pet that will wear clothes, this is a great find!
"Hoppy" Holidays!
Paisley the Rabbit modeling the festive hat!

Instead of mailing a card by snail mail, a cute and clever e-card can be as good or even better!  Who wouldn’t enjoy receiving a holiday email with an adorable pet picture?  The photo of your pet creates a very personal touch.  Plus, during this season when everyone is trying to save money, an e-card you create yourself can save $$$.  In addition to saving the cost of purchased cards, an e-card will also save money on postage!

Go Green!
Sending your own e-card saves paper and it saves trees. You just need a great picture and a clever verse.

For this Rabbit-theme e-card, the verse will be: ‘Hoppy’ Holidays!

You could also use:

Happy Howl-idays or Yappy New Year (for a dog theme),
Purr-fect (for a cat theme),
Fleas Navidad (for a cat or dog theme)!

Be creative and have fun!  Feel free to share with everyone here your great pictures and ideas!


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