Monday, December 14, 2009

How to Decorate Dog-Shaped Sugar Cookies

Fun with Dog-Shaped Cookie Cutters

Sugar cookies are always fun, but they are especially fun when they’re in special shapes… like dog-shaped sugar cookies!

You can make sugar cookie dough: from scratch, or use a mix that comes in a little plastic pouch.  I prefer not to use refrigerated sugar cookie dough that comes in little tubes, since the small size of the "slice and bake" dough is not wide enough for larger cookie cutters. (Although you could possibly try rolling pieces of the dough together to make a larger piece of dough.)

Decorating the Cookies
There are numerous options for decorating dog shaped cookies. Tubes of icing designed especially for decorating cookies are available in a variety of colors, and special tips can be used for different effects and textures.  Semi-Sweet and White Chocolate chips can also be used for decorating cookies. (Note: chocolate can be toxic to dogs, so the cookies described here are for people and not for dogs.) Some of these supplies are shown in the photo above.

Cloud K9® carries over 80 different dog theme and dog shaped cookie cutters. I selected 3 dog breeds at random for today's blog:
Labrador Retriever Cookie Cutter ,
Cocker Spaniel Cookie Cutter ,
Great Dane Cookie Cutter.

Here We Go!
Make sure the cookies are completely cooled before decorating them!

You can leave the sugar cookie plain without decorating it.

Shown: Cocker Spaniel

Or you and the kids (with supervision) can decorate the cookies with simple designs.

 Shown: Labrador Retriever. Collar and eye created with tubes of cookie decorating icing and decorating tips (or "icing writers" sold at many craft stores).

Coat Textures and Patterns

For Short-Coated Dogs

Shown: Harlequin Great Dane. You can “ice” the sugar cookie with white chocolate chips. The white chips are melted, then smoothed on with a knife or spatula. This gives a sleek smooth look. Let the chocolate harden.

Dogs with Spots
Then black spots are applied using a tube of black decorating icing over the coating of white chocolate

For Long-Coated Dogs

Shown: Cocker Spaniel.  Cover the front of the cookie with decorating icing; you can use various implements (spoon, fork, table knife, spatula, toothpicks, decorating tips) to create waves or texture in the "fur." Additional icing is applied on the ear to make it more 3-dimensional.

More De-"Tails"

Shown: Holly Wreath Collar. You can use a tube of green decorating icing with a decorating tip to create texture and then apply red holly “berries” using a tube of red decorating icing and a decorating tip. (Or you can use "icing writers" which are available at many craft stores.)

The options are endless!
Have fun and I would love to see your photos!

Happy Howl-idays!
PS We will be covering lots more dog breeds in future blogs! Stay tuned!
[Photos and text copyright Carole of  All rights reserved.]

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