Monday, December 21, 2009

Dog House Cookie Cutter

This can be a cute cookie for dog lovers or... a not so good cookie if it signifies that "You are In the Dog House!"

I used the Dog House Cookie Cutter from our Cloud K9® website to cut out sugar cookie dough, baked the cookies, and let them cool.

*The front of the doghouse is covered with red decorator icing. (Use red food coloring to tint white cookie decorating icing the appropriate shade of red, or buy red decorating icing.)
*The stripes on the dog house are made using a tube of black decorating icing and a plastic decorating tip.  (You could use chocolate decorating icing, but remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs, so these cookies are for people.) I outlined the entire dog house first, then went back to create the horizontal stripes. 

*I made the sign using white decorating icing.  Let the white icing set, or harden first, before writing the name on the sign.

You can use an "icing writer" available at many craft stores, for writing the letters on the sign and/or the stripes on the doghouse.

Hope you stay out of the doghouse!

Cloud K9® carries over 80 different dog-theme and dog-shaped cookie cutters.
[text and photos copyright Carole of  All rights reserved.]

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