Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dog Cookie Cutter Series: Creating Texture on Dog Shaped Cookies

There are a number of ways to create texture (the look of fur) on dog shaped cookies.

One of my favorites for decorating long-haired dog cookies, or curly haired/fluffy dog cookies is grated coconut.  To recreate white dogs, use the grated coconut straight from the bag.  For "apricot" or light brown dogs, you can toast the coconut.  Toast the coconut following the directions on the coconut package.  Watch it very carefully, since the coconut can burn very quickly in the oven.  (To see a dog cookie decorated with untoasted and toasted coconut, check out the blog on the Borzoi Cookie Cutter.)

We will be discussing some other methods over the next blog posts, including:

* Sprinkles
* Colored/Tinted sugar
* Icing writers

Stay tuned for more great decorating ideas for dog shaped cookies!
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