Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Other Words: A Dictionary of Animal-Themed Words

Animal lovers have created a whole new language with clever alternatives for everyday words.
So here is a little dictionary to use when you need some ideas for an animal-themed word:

(A Big Thanks: to the Twitter users who responded to my request for words!)

Anipals = Animal pals

Bark out = Shout out

Barkaritas = Margueritas

Barking lot = Parking lot

Barktending = Bartending

Cattitude = Attitude

Caturday = Saturday

De-tails = Details

Furiend = Friend

Fursday = Thursday

Furever = Friday

Happy Mew Year = Happy New Year

Howl-iday = Holiday

Howloween = Halloween

iBone = iPhone

iPaw = iPod

Kittehs = Kitties

Meowy Catmas = Merry Christmas

Mews = News

Nom Nom = Yummy treats

OMD = Oh My Dog

OMC = Oh My Cat

Pawcircle = Prayer Circle

Pawparade = Parade

Pawprayers = Prayers

Paws crossed = Fingers crossed

Pawsitively = Positively

Pawsome = Awesome

Pawticulars = Particulars

Pawty = Party

Peemail = Checking e-mail

Puparazzi = Poparazzi

Purrfect = Perfect

Purrson = Person

Tabby tennis = Table tennis

Yappy = Happy
Some Abbreviations for LOL (Laugh out Loud):

BOL = Bark out loud

MOL = Meow out loud

QOL = Quack out loud

Some Friendly Gestures:





If you have any others, please let me know!

[Text copyright Carole of  All rights reserved.]

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