Friday, January 15, 2010

Dog Cookie Cutter Series: Writing with Icing (Icing Writers)

Icing writers are small tubes of decorating icing that can be used to make small details on dog shaped cookies.  They can be purchased in sets (usually of red, blue, yellow and green) or tubes can be purchased separately in various colors.

You cut the tip off the end of the you do not need to purchase the separate set of decorating tips that are often used to decorate cookies.

On the dog-shaped cookies, these icing writers can be used for small details: eyes, collars, toenails, outlining, or any other pattern (flowers, stripes, plaid, polka dots, hearts, etc.).

Have Fun and Write Away to your heart's content!

We have over 80 different breeds of dog cookie cutters on our website.

[Text and photos copyright Carole of All rights reserved.]

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