Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dog Cookie Cutter Series: Using Food Coloring to Tint Icing

While you can purchase icing that is already pre-colored, you can also use food coloring to tint white icing for decorating your cookies.

The basic colors of food coloring are:

The primary colors (red, blue and yellow) can be combined to create additional colors of icing:
Red + Blue = Purple
Red + Yellow = Orange
Blue + Yellow = Green

To make pastel colored icing, add fewer drops of food coloring to the white icing.
To make darker icing, add more food coloring to the white icing.

If you mix an icing which is darker than you intended, add a little more white icing.

Luckily, for dog lovers, black food coloring is available.  Dog lovers know that black icing can be critical for creating many realistic looking dog breed cookies.

Or you can mix your own black food coloring using:

Red + Blue + Yellow = Black*

(*It may be necessary to add a little more red food coloring to achieve the color of black that you are trying to achieve.)

Have fun!
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[Text and photos copyright Carole of cloudk9.com All rights reserved.]

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