Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dog Cookie Cutter Series: Some Simple Tools for Decorating Cookies

Two simple tools are very useful for decorating cookies. If you use the "Royal Icing" type of icing for decorating cookies, it can be helpful to use the back of a small spoon to carefully spread the icing on the cookie.

In addition, the point of a toothpick can be used to create small features on a dog-shaped cookie (e.g., eyes, whiskers, toenails, etc.).  Likewise, a toothpick can sometimes be used to correct a small error.  For example, when using icing to create a small detail, the toothpick can be used to scrape a little excess icing off of the cookie, if too much icing is used.

Do you find any other tools useful when decorating cookies?

Have fun and be creative! Where else do you get to eat your mistakes! :-)
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