Monday, January 4, 2010

Story in the Snow

It is cold here. Wicked cold! Temperatures are in the teens during the day, and the low at night is in the single digits!
So I always think of the wild birds and animals outside who may have trouble finding food.

On Saturday, I put out some bread for the birds and whoever else would want some.  Later, the bread was gone and I saw some bird footprints in the snow.  So I put out more bread.  Later, I peeked out and saw a Flicker (a woodpecker).

Doing a little snooping, I found several sets of footprints which tell an interesting story.

The first set of footprints (above) may belong
to the Mockingbirds that frequent the yard. I am not sure.
There are 3 toes in front and one in back.

Next, I saw an entirely different set of bird footprints.
There are 2 toes in front and 2 toes in back.
I am assuming these footprints belong to the Flicker.
Being a woodpecker and having to stand on trees,
they probably need to have a different type of foot than songbirds.

Then there were these little round footprints…
I think they belong to the squirrels who live in the oak trees.

I also saw a large footprint!  Was it Sasquatch?
No, it's only me!

Pretty interesting story. And well worth the price of a few pieces of bread!

Please remember the wild birds and animals outside when it's cold!
[Text and photos copyright Carole of Cloud K9.  All rights reserved.]

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