Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some Tips About Icing for Dog Shaped Sugar Cookies

Here are a few tips about icing dog shaped sugar cookies. (The information is for sugar cookies intended for people to eat, and not for cookies to be eaten by dogs!)

You can make your own icing for sugar cookies. I think that sometimes the "buttercream" icing that is often used on cakes is too oily and softens the sugar cookies.

I like to use the tubes of "Decorating Cookie Icing" made by Betty Crocker that can be purchased in many grocery stores.  I frequently use "white" and it also comes in "chocolate" and a variety of other colors.  (NOTE: chocolate can be toxic to dogs and should only be used in food for humans.)

The reason I like this icing is that it is like "self-leveling cement"...after your spread it on, it levels to a beautiful smooth finish.  Of course, depending on the look you like, you can also use other icing to create a texture to look like a dog's fur.

Tubes of Decorating Icing and plastic decorating tips are also available to create designs on the cookies.

Icing Writers are smaller tubes of icing to create smaller designs.  You just cut the tip off of the tube. These do not require using the separate plastic decorating tips.

But, most important of all....HAVE FUN!
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