Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scottie Cookie Cutter (Miss Fancy Pants)

I made this cute Scottish Terrier Cookie using the
Scottish Terrier cookie cutter from our Cloud K9® website.

This is a little bit fancier of a Scottie cookie than is featured from our post on February 16, 2010,
so I named her "Miss Fancy Pants."
1. Use the dog shaped cookie cutter to cut the cookie from the sugar cookie dough and bake according to your recipe or package instructions.
2. Let the cookie cool completely before icing it.
3. Spread the black decorating icing to the edges of the cookie. Before the icing dries, add black sugar 'sprinkles' to give a sparkly effect. (If needed, you may want to lightly press the sugar into the icing with the back of a spoon for it to adhere better.)  Let the icing dry.
4. Gently turn the cookie upside down to remove the excess sugar.
5. Use yellow decorating icing and a plastic decorating tip (or a yellow icing writer) to make a yellow oval for the eye.  Let the icing dry. (If the sugar has not firmly adhered to the icing, you may need to remove the black sugar where you plan to place the eye, for the yellow icing to stick properly.)
6. Use black decorating icing and a plastic decorating tip (or a toothpick) to make a small black dot in the center of the yellow oval.  Let the icing dry.
7. Use pink decorating icing and a plastic decorating tip (or a red icing writer) to make a small spot for the tongue as shown in the photo above. Let the icing dry.


We have over 80 different breeds of dog cookie cutters on our website.

[Text and pictures copyright Carole of cloudk9.com All rights reserved.]

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