Monday, March 15, 2010

Top 10 Reasons for Making Your Own Dog Shaped Cookies

10. The cookies are fresh!

 9. Have fun in your kitchen!

 8. You can make cookies that look exactly like Your Dog!

 7. Learn a new hobby!

6. The cookies are a great gift for friends! They are also great for Dog Shows, (winners of Best of Breed, Best in Show), National Specialties, Craft Shows, Dog Obedience Graduations, New Puppy Adoptions, etc.).

 5. Enhance your creativity!

 4. Have the satisfaction of saying "I did it myself!"

 3. Bond with friends or family's a great way to spend some time together!

 2. Impress your friends with your talents!

     And the Number One Reason to make your own dog shaped cookies....

 1. Save Some Dough! To Buy PreDecorated Dog Sugar Cookies can cost from $39 to $51 PER DOZEN (not including shipping)! Oh doesn't cost nearly that much to make and decorate the cookies yourself!

Happy Baking!
We have over 80 different breeds of dog shaped cookie cutters on our website.
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