Friday, March 19, 2010

Can You Find the Hidden Bunny?

You throw a ball and your dog chases it.  This is known as prey drive.  Many animals that are "prey" are aware of predators' instincts and "freeze" when they feel danger is near. 

On our nature walk, a rabbit was sitting up as we approached.  With house rabbits, this upright position is known as "periscoping" (raising their level to see up higher).  I was surprised at how long this little bunny sat in the grass frozen in the periscope position...but, he knew that we were watching him.  Can you see him in the photo below?

Finally, when we turned, he lowered himself and sat very still.  It was still very difficult to see him when he was not moving. I must say he has excellent camouflage!

HINT: See the arrow in the picture below to locate the hiding bunny!

[Text and photos copyright Carole of  All rights reserved.]

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