Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How Popular are "Dog" Tweets?

A tweet came through about the 500 most frequently used words on Twitter.  While the article is from June 2009, the findings are interesting.  The numbers are compiled by the lexicographers of Oxford University Press, and are based on a sampling of 1.5 million tweets.

Of course, no surprise that the most frequently used word is "the" used 407,614 times. (Why...I have used the word "the" 5 times already in this blog!)  Next was "I" (used 401,053 times)

What is interesting for dog lovers, is that "dog" was in the top 500!  "Dog" was near the bottom of the list being used 3,414 times and was ranked 479 out of 500.  More interesting is that "dog" (3,414) is used even more than "mom" (3,322).

So keep on Tweeting about's a popular topic!


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