Friday, April 30, 2010

"Adopt a Shelter Pet" Stamps to Raise Awareness

Starting on April 30, 2010, the US Postal Service will be selling stamps to raise awareness of the need to adopt Shelter Pets. 

The USPS website states that the goal is for "more Americans to know about the millions of shelter pets that need good homes. Nearly half of the animals that enter animal shelters are euthanized. Many of these cats and dogs would have made a wonderful pet...if only given the chance."

They say:  "You can make a difference. Adopt a pet, volunteer at a shelter, or just get the word out by buying these stamps."

There are 10 different stamps.  All of these pets had been homeless.  At the time the pictures were taken, all but one had been adopted!  Featured on the stamps are:
Teddy Jack Russell Terrier
Willow Maltese Cat
Trevor Yellow Lab
Bianca Calico
Buddy Golden Retriever
Peaches Gray White and Tan Cat
Bindi Sue Aussie Shepherd
Frankie Black White and Tan Cat
Jake Boston Terrier
Lucas Orange Tabby

The USPS website offers a variety of products including stamps, mugs, artwork and notecards featuring these pets.

Ellen DeGeneres (Animal Advocate and co-owner of Halo Pet Food) is the spokeperson for this campaign.  Halo will be donating meals to feed 1 Million shelter pets.  You can visit to see an update of how many meals Halo has donated to feed homeless pets.

I have my stamps! Do you have yours?


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