Thursday, April 8, 2010

More from the Garden

Textures and patterns are always interesting elements in any garden. 

This plant is called "Lamb's Ear."  As you can see from the shape, the name is appropriate.  In addition, the leaves also feel "furry" and soft!  This texture makes the name even more appropriate!

Years ago, the Missouri Botanical Garden created a special garden for the blind.  This plant was included in that garden because its texture appeals to the sense of touch.

This plant is a new addition to the garden as of last year.
A friend gave me some extra from his garden.

He calls it "Ribbon Grass."  Likewise, this is an appropriate name since it is long and narrow like a ribbon.

I like the varigated pattern on the leaves of the Ribbon Grass. 

While the Ribbon Grass and the Lamb's Ear are both variations of green and white, they are each very different...and add their own special charm to the garden.

Happy Spring to all the Green Thumbs...and Not So Green Thumbs out there!

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