Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Save the Fishies ~ Part 2

We placed the liner in the pond.  I was suprised that the liner was far, far heavier than it looked!  Then we filled the pond with water (over 2,000 gallons)! YIKES!

As you can see, my friend reshaped the pond from its original "figure 8" shape to a "kidney bean" shape.

Then, the water needed to sit for 24 hours to adjust the temperature.  Water coming out of the hose is cold at this time of year.  Plus, chemicals (to remove chlorine, etc.) needed to be added to the water so it would be safe for the fish.

After 24 hours, the fish were ready to be transitioned to the pond.  First, they were put in a plastic bag with their original pond water (that they were living in during the time in the smaller container) and floated in the pond to adjust them to the new temperature.  Then, some new water from the pond needed to be put into the bag to adjust them to the new water.  I think each of these steps was for about 15 or 30 minutes for each step.  Note: Please consult an expert for the exact specifications of adjusting fish to a new location since these types of transitions can be fatal for fish.

Then, the fish were ready to be put into the pond!  Everything went well!  There were about 20 fish in all and ALL of them survived the move!

I can truly say the fish look so happy in the pond.  Maybe they are happy to be out of the small container and in the pond again.  Maybe they can tell they have more room to swim with the new shape of the pool.  Who knows!?!  But they were definitely swimming and playing joyfully!

Yes! Mission Accomplished! The fish are safe!

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