Monday, May 10, 2010

Which bag of treats would you select
for your dog?

Packaging can have a huge impact on a potential customer’s perception of the product; using the right type of packaging can help increase sales!

Whether for treats from a dog biscuit bakery, a fund raiser for a rescue group, or pet-theme products at a craft show, Cello Bags are our most popular packaging product!  (Cello is pronounced “sell-o” like cellophane…not “chell-o” like the musical instrument.)

The two most basic aspects of packaging are:
1) Protection: to protect the product (e.g., from moisture and dirt)
2) Containment: to hold multiples of the same product (e.g., a dozen dog biscuits).

But our cello treat bags don’t stop there…they provide many more benefits! How does your packaging stack up against our list below?

Food Safe: our cello bags meet FDA requirements for direct food contact.

Shelf Appeal: eye-catching packaging makes the product stand out and alerts the customer that a pet-theme product is inside the package.

Transparency: products are visible through the packaging (which isn’t possible with cardboard or paper containers).

Reclosable: cello bags can be reclosed after opening (which isn't possible with shrink wrap).
[See Accessories (below) for products to close the cello bags.]

Versatile: cello bags can be used to hold a variety of products/items...from dog treats, to goodie bags with party favors for childrens' birthday parties, to other types of products.  (For example, we use these bags to package the handmade dog-shaped cookie cutters sold on our website.)

Dogs AND Cats Welcome: in addition to the "dog and bones" pattern cello bags (photo at beginning of this blog post), we also offer the black paw prints pattern which is appropriate for both dogs and cats!

Seasonal Selection: the red and green paw print cello bags are a great choice for the “howl-iday” season.

Accessories: the black paw print ribbon and the gold seal with black paw print  wrap things up with a fun touch!

Packaging speaks to your customers about the product inside. What is your packaging saying?

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It's a Wrap!

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